martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

Mulleres Astrónomas

One of the aims of the subject called “Science for the Contemporary World” in 1st Bachillerato at Otero Pedrayo High School is overcoming some students’ little interest in Science.
In order to do it, we need to change both our thematic and methodological approaches with regard to the traditional Science subjects.
So as to make this change possible, we have designed activities with certain specific characteristics that will help us achieve it.
In this case, we have chosen a controversial issue in history: Women and Science. We chose Webquests as a learning strategy and we published the tasks carried out by the students online in order to spread scientific culture among all the other students.

Que alguén se anime a traducilo a galego... o texto é obra de Marga (profe inglés).

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